mardi 5 avril 2011

Ecosse et Galles

Voilà deux superbes productions scientifiques, universitaires et régionales, qui témoignent de la vitalité de la recherche et de la vulgarisation historique Outre-Manche.

Histoire de l’Ecosse
"Scotland has a fantastic story to tell from the Early People, Wars of Independence, Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment through to the modern day. From innovations in the fields of medicine, science and industry through to Scotland's place in an evolving European Union, it's essential that our young people develop a strong understanding of Scottish history”

Monastères médiévaux du Pays de Galles
In an attempt to identify more firmly Wales's place on the monastic map of Europe, this new large-scale project seeks to establish a comprehensive monastic history of medieval Wales, the findings of which will be made available to scholars and students, as well as the wider public, both electronically and in print. Initially this will comprise monasteries and houses of canons which were active in Wales for some or all of the period from the late eleventh century until the Suppression of the religious houses in the sixteenth century.

P.S. Mondadori lance, sous la marque Sciences et Vie, un nouveau magazine d’histoire, Guerres et Histoire, déjà disponible en kiosque

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